The Next-Level Social Media Manager Toolkit

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Upgrade your systems and double your revenue!



With The Next-Level Social Media Manager Toolkit you’ll have access to three templates designed to help you with: Client onboarding, content creation and reporting. These templates are designed to save you time, reduce errors and ensure consistency across all your client accounts.

Brand Manager:

Organize branding assets 

Content Calendar:

A strategic calendar and simple approval process

Insights Tracker:

To track insights and measure success

Plus, each template comes with a detailed tutorial on how to get the most out of them!

Don’t waste any more time struggling to create professional systems and improve your client experience. Invest in The Next-Level Social Media Manager Toolkit today and start seeing results immediately.

*Templates are hosted on Airtable

6 reviews for The Next-Level Social Media Manager Toolkit

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    The best. The content calendar has EVERY single thing you could ever need to organize, communicate and partner with your team and clients.

    The insights tracker is perfect. To be able to “watch” what is being opened and “clicked” and see the growth in the email lists…it really helps see where we may need to change and where we grow.

    Sarah is amazing and has created systems that will truly help you grow.

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    Dalia Van Lom

    I am absolutely looooving these templates! And believe me I have tried so many that fell short 🥲.. The calendar is so beautifully organized and it makes it a breeze to not only plan my own content but it also makes the whole content approval process with my clients a breeze! I specialize in creating reels and used to handle everything with my clients through Google Drive and emailing back and forth but this calendar and the branding template make soooo much more sense to keep the whole client project in one area that we can both access plus it looks so professional! Thank you Sarah, you are a genius! 😘

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    The Next-Level Social Media Manager Toolkit is incredible! I am really impressed! I LOVE the insight tracker, such a great way to keep track of all your analytics in one place, so organized! This tool kit is a game-changer for social media managers.

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    Fernanda Berry

    This tool kit is a GAME CHANGER! I wish I would’ve had this sooner when I started working with clients. My life would’ve been way more simple and less stressful LOL I love how organize everything is and I can’t wait to implement all of this. Thank you Sarah for creating this! HUGEEE help!!! Every social media manager NEEDS this !

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    These templates are EVERYTHING! They make my life so much easier and quicker to organize my to-dos. I wish I would’ve had this sooner! Its making accepting new clients so much easier since I can see my capacity ORGANIZED and just right there lol I love it!

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    Caroline Langdon

    The templates are something EVERY SINGLE social media manager & content creator needs. It covers alllll the details needed to run a tight ship and track the right metrics to start seeing results and scaling. An absolute GAME-CHANGER in the SMM industry. If someone is looking to simplify their systems and see big ROI from it…. you need this. Also, AirTable is the ultimate organization system and my clients are *obsessed*. So easy to navigate for everyone – such an incredible tool! Thank you thank you!

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